888 casino review : how to win blackjack ?

  • by Paul

888 Casino is one of the world’s largest and oldest online casinos. The casino was started as early as 1997 and has since attracted players with its large selection, easy-to-navigate site and generous bonuses.

Today you will find a nice range of games with everything from video slots to Live Casino on roulette, blackjack, baccarat and poker.

A lot of the casino games at 888 Casino are exclusive and cannot be played anywhere else. The site is stylish and has a user-friendly design.

888 Casino has generous promotions and bonuses

Like all other online casinos of rank, 888 Casino offers a lot of exciting promotions and bonuses. Among other things, they have a welcome bonus where new players, who make a deposit of 50$, receive a bonus of 250%. In addition to the bonus, new players are also rewarded with 50 Free Spins. Which are always a little extra fun to play for.

Historically, 888 casinos have been known to always offer great bonuses and promotions. In addition, there are plenty of special promotions and daily deals to look out for. Under the “Promotion” link, 888 Casino collects all existing promotions and it is easy to get a good overview of both bonus opportunities and terms.

Different types of games

888 Casino has a wide selection and most of them will find their favorites on the site. In addition, 888 Casino also offers games that you can only find with them.

For example, they offer all the traditional gaming experiences you would expect on a world-leading casino site, including slot machines, video poker and various table and card games.

If you like video slots there is a wide selection of different fun themes, among the most popular are slots that have taken inspiration from blockbusters like A Nightmare on Elm Street and Big Lebowski.

888 casino also produces a lot of their games in-house and can therefore offer really exclusive gaming experiences that you cannot experience anywhere else.

Many of the games, especially the slot machines, also have progressive jackpots, which means that there is a chance of really big winnings without too high stakes.

Payments and customer support

888 Casino offers most well-established payment and payment methods. Credit cards such as Mastercard and VISA are accepted, as well as most and most popular online transfer services, including Skrill and PayPal. If you use the latter variants, you do not have to leave your credit card numbers and can fill up your PayPal account with direct transfer from your bank account.

You also have the option to withdraw your winnings in the same way you make deposits, for example through your PayPal or Skrill account. This option is also much faster than if you want to pay directly to VISA or Mastercard, unfortunately this type of deposit can have a processing time of up to 5 banking days.

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